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Welcome to Toledo LASIK & Cataract Center, the premier Eye Center of Toledo, and a leader in laser vision correction for Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan! Our goal is to provide vision correction to our patients - delivering the highest standard of medical care at the most affordable price. By consistently delivering on this promise, we've expanded the number of our centers to become one of the leading vision correction companies in the USA.

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Over the years, LASIK eye surgery has become one of the most popular vision correction procedures; for many people, the LASIK surgery procedure greatly reduces their dependence on corrective eyewear. Imagine waking up without the need to look for your glasses or fumble with your contact lenses. More than five million people have achieved that through LASIK eye surgery.

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If you have cataracts you now have an option to upgrade your cataract surgery with premium intraocular lens implants. At Toledo LASIK & Cataract we can reduce your dependency or even eliminate your need for distance and reading glasses after cataract surgery! Click here to learn more about ReSTOR, Toric and Crystalens – Your premium lens options.

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If LASIK laser vision correction is not an option for you, there are other options that may better suit your individual eye conditions and your lifestyle. We encourage you to read the information provided below and to schedule a free consulation to discuss your vision correction options.

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The Kamra™ Inlay is an option that can be used to correct presbyopia and reduce dependence on reading glasses. The KAMRA™ inlay provides an improved range of focus for both near and intermediate vision without affecting distance vision. The KAMRA inlay is a microscopic disc with a diameter of 3.8mm that is inserted into the eye. The KAMRA Inlay could be a great solution for individuals over 40 seeking to restore their everyday near vision and reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

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ReLEx (Refractive Lenticule Extraction) SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is one of the newest developments in vision correction procedures. This treatment is available in only a few laser eye surgery clinics in the United States.

ReLEx Smile uses state-of-the-art femtosecond technology to create a high-precision thin circular disc of tissue that is removed through a small incision in the cornea. The incision made with SMILE is less than 4 mm.

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Win Free LASIK

Would you like to Win Free LASIK in Toledo? Begin your path to clear vision, without the hassles of contact lenses or glasses , at Toledo LASIK & Cataract. Here our experienced surgeon, William, Willey MD, has performed LASIK laser vision correction to thousands of people in our region. Click here to be entered to win free LASIK and see our past winners!

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Vision Correction Payment Options

Are you worried about the cost of LASIK in Toledo? At Toledo LASIK & Cataract, we offer LASIK payment options to suit your budget and let you get the clear vision your want and deserve! Click here to learn about our LASIK fees and financing options.

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