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Toledo LASIK - Eye Center of Northwest OhioThe Premier Eye Center of Northwest Ohio

Welcome to Toledo LASIK & Cataract! Our goal is to provide LASIK to our patients – delivering the highest standard of medical care at the most affordable price. By consistently delivering on this promise, we’ve expanded our eye center to become one of the leading vision correction companies throughout Northwest Ohio and the United States.

Experienced and dedicated physicians, the latest laser vision technology, a commitment to patient satisfaction, and affordable fees – these are the reasons why Toledo LASIK & Cataract has been the solution for thousands of LASIK patients who now enjoy clear vision!

Our Commitment to Clear Vision

At Toledo LASIK & Cataract, we stand behind your distance vision correction results for life because we have confidence in Dr. Wiley and in the stability of your results over the long term. We call it the Toledo LASIK & Cataract Lifetime Commitment Program.

You have Toledo LASIK & Cataract’s assurance that if an enhancement is needed at any time in your life to maintain your distance vision results, you will receive it free of charge. To maintain eligibility in the Toledo LASIK & Cataract’s Lifetime Commitment Program, the patient needs to follow all recommended post-operative care and attend all necessary exams.

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