Bladeless LASIK in Toledo, OH

100% Bladeless LASIK With Intralase Technology

IntraLase Bladeless LASIK Technology

IntraLase precision bladeless LASIK technology is available to minimize the possibility of complications while maximizing comfort and safety.

How Does Bladeless LASIK Work?

The IntraLase laser uses femtosecond laser technology. The laser pulses cut the cornea at the exact desired location selected by the surgeon. Because of the accuracy of the femtosecond technology, surgeons can design very precise, computer-controlled incisions at a precise depth without the risk of damaging surrounding tissue.

Enhanced Accuracy, Unparalleled Safety bladeless lasik treatment

IntraLase is computer-controlled, all-laser technology that utilizes unique software to provide the surgeon with a minimally invasive approach to creating the corneal flap in laser vision correction surgery. This technology offers unparalleled safety for the patient and unprecedented control for the surgeon. This procedure is customized for the patient’s vision disorder and corneal anatomy.

IntraLase provides an enhanced level of accuracy. It may enable patients who have previously been dismissed as high risk to be re-evaluated for vision correction surgery. It reduces patient anxiety and reduces the likelihood of complications within the surgery room.

If you would like to learn more about LASIK eye surgery and which technology is right for you, schedule a free consultation and one of our highly-trained LASIK consultants will tell you everything you need to know about the procedure.


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