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Toledo LASIK is home to some of the most highly skilled and recognized ophthalmologists, LASIK eye surgeons, eye doctors, and eye care experts in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Our eye care specialists work with patients to diagnose vision problems, understand their risk for sight-threatening conditions like cataracts, and decide on the best steps for vision correction. With their combined experience and expertise, your vision is in good hands.

Clear vision is a precious gift—let our eye doctors help you enjoy a lifetime of it. If you’re beginning to notice that your vision is getting blurry or you’re having another vision-related issue, it’s important to take steps to address these issues as soon as possible. Learn more about our team of eye care professionals and see why they’re qualified to correct your vision and help improve your life.


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Dr. William Wiley - Eye Doctors Toledo, Ohio

Dr. William Wiley, M.D.

Dr. Kathleen Jee, M.D. - Eye Doctors Toledo, Ohio

Dr. Kathleen Jee, M.D.

Koushik Sudhinder, MD

Dr. Sudhinder Koushik, M.D.

Tammy Ruch, OD

Dr. Tammy Ruch, O.D.

David Trujillo, OD

Dr. David Trujillo, O.D.

LASIK Surgery Services 

Are you tired of keeping up with eyeglasses or contact lens prescriptions? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans who dealt with vision problems found their solution with LASIK. It’s a proven, effective, and non-invasive vision corrective surgery that takes about 15 minutes to complete. Most patients experience a fast, comfortable recovery with noticeably improved results appearing by the next day. Our highly trained doctors can help you discover if it’s the right solution for you. 

Cataract Surgery Services 

Cataracts can develop as part of the natural aging process, affecting about 60% of adults over 60 years of age. This vision condition causes a clouding of the clear lens of your eye, leading to blurry vision. Cataracts can significantly impact your vision and disrupt your daily life. Thankfully, patients have several cataract surgery options that can help them enjoy clear vision again. 

Corneal Cross-Linking Services 

Corneal cross-linking is a procedure used for treating patients with keratoconus. This eye disease can make the cornea weak, thin, and abnormally shaped. A cornea affected by keratoconus can bulge, forming a cone shape that interferes with vision. Toledo LASIK is one of around 450 practices worldwide that offers this procedure for patients. For more information, schedule a free consultation.

EVO ICL Surgery Services

Are myopia (nearsightedness) or astigmatism symptoms becoming too much for you? Then it’s time to explore a vision correction surgery that might be perfect for you. Visian ICL is a reflective implant that helps correct vision issues like nearsightedness and astigmatism. It acts like a contact lens—except you won’t notice it. Want to know more? Schedule a free consultation

SMILE Laser Surgery Services

Patients who cannot receive LASIK due to having thin corneas, dry eye, or high prescription now have a vision correction option that can deliver the same results. SMILE laser surgery is one of the newest procedures used to correct refractive vision issues. It’s a safe procedure that has a quick healing process similar to LASIK. 

PRK/ASA Vision Correction Services 

Is LASIK or SMILE surgery not right for you? You still have an option. PRK/ASA eye surgery can deliver the same vision benefits as LASIK. This treatment is performed on the surface of the cornea rather than a deeper layer, helping preserve the structural integrity of your cornea. Ready to find out if this is the right solution for you? Schedule a free consultation today. 

Our Eye Doctors & Vision Correction Services in Toledo, Ohio

The eye care professionals at Toledo LASIK & Cataract proudly offer several laser vision correction services to Northwest Ohio communities. We use advanced technology such as the VisuMax Femtosecond Laser, and the EVO ICL to deliver life-changing results. Discuss your vision issues with our highly experienced ophthalmologists during your free consultation. We’ll do everything we can to help you experience better vision care. 

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