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At Toledo LASIK, we understand that choosing to undergo LASIK eye surgery is a big decision. That’s why we want to make sure our patients feel confident in their choice by providing them with real testimonials from others who have undergone the LASIK procedure. Our patients have shared their personal experiences with LASIK, including how it has improved their vision and their quality of life. We invite you to read their stories and see for yourself why Toledo LASIK is the trusted choice for laser vision correction.

Randy Haas


I went in for a consult, they completely explain everything and had detailed answers for all my questions. I went in for the surgery, it was extremely fast. I was in the operating room for less than 5 minutes. There was absolutely no discomfort during the procedure. The day after the surgery I was seeing slightly better than 20/25. With in a few days, I was seeing 20/20. If I knew it was this easy, I would have done it YEARS AGO!

Fouad Eid


Overall awesome experience. Procedure was quick, and painless. I have been wearing contacts/glasses for the past 25 years. I felt like a little kid waking up Christmas morning the day after surgery. Magically no glasses, no contacts and I can see!!!! Staff was very considerate and helpful from start to finish.

Heather Brooks


The doctors and staff were very professional and honest with me as far as expected results and how the procedure would be. They corrected my terrible vision to 20/20, would highly recommend them to anyone.

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Erin Riley
Erin Riley
September 3, 2023
From the very first consultation appointment, all the way to surgery day, I felt complete confidence in the team at Toledo Lasik. Ray is so friendly, kind, and explained everything on the financial side in detail so I knew exactly what to expect. Dr. Jee performed the SMILE procedure on my eyes, and was also very personable and competent. She really made me feel at ease, and I did not feel nervous at all during the procedure. Not even 24 hours post op, I was seeing 20/20, after 33 years of wearing glasses/lenses at a very high prescription (my eye doctor explained that my vision was previously 20/900!) A week post op, I am seeing 20/15…even my eye doctor is dumbfounded at the results I am experiencing, and kept repeating how “truly remarkable” my results are! I am healing well, and I could not be happier!
Brett Adkins
Brett Adkins
August 14, 2023
This was a very good experience. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and most importantly I broke up with my glasses. I havent experienced any pain or anything and about after 2 days of rest i was ready to function again.
Kirk Mortemore
Kirk Mortemore
July 18, 2023
I was in and out in less than 45 minutes. It is insane thats all it takes to fix eyesight. Less than 10 minutes in the operating room. Feels weird but mostly painless. About 3 minutes for each eye.
April 15, 2023
Did an amazing job. I got the SMILE lasiks procedure. Staff was nice. Dr. Wiley did an exceptional job. My only complaint is that I wish they would have given me a prescription for the one Valium pill BEFORE the day of my surgery so I could take it before I arrived because it definitely did not kick in until the ride home so I was super anxious during the procedure.
Haley Wolfe
Haley Wolfe
December 16, 2022
I am SO happy that I chose Toledo LASIK Center to conduct my surgery. First off, the staff is extremely nice and knowledgeable, they listen to concerns and questions about the surgery while reassuring you throughout the process. Secondly, the surgeon and tech that conducted my surgery were absolutely amazing. I was really nervous initially but they were there explaining the entire process to me and making sure I was okay/comfortable the entire time. From the initial consolation to my post-op check up, I have never once regretted my decision to come here. A special shout-out to Ray for being really kind and understanding, and for reassuring me the day of surgery. He is wonderful and Toledo LASIK Center is lucky to have him.
Slee Biscuit
Slee Biscuit
November 10, 2022
I was once told many years ago because of my significant astigmatism, Lasik was not in the cards. 20 years later I finally had enough of these glasses and having "underwater vision" when off. I consulted with them and was reassured advances in the technique. Going in, of course I was nervous, and the staff was very professional. The procedure took less than 15min. I'm now 3 months post op and have 20/15 vision. Best money I've ever spent. Thank you so much!



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