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Randy Haas


I went in for a consult, they completely explain everything and had detailed answers for all my questions. I went in for the surgery, it was extremely fast. I was in the operating room for less than 5 minutes. There was absolutely no discomfort during the procedure. The day after the surgery I was seeing slightly better than 20/25. With in a few days, I was seeing 20/20. If I knew it was this easy, I would have done it YEARS AGO!

Fouad Eid


Overall awesome experience. Procedure was quick, and painless. I have been wearing contacts/glasses for the past 25 years. I felt like a little kid waking up Christmas morning the day after surgery. Magically no glasses, no contacts and I can see!!!! Staff was very considerate and helpful from start to finish.

Heather Brooks


The doctors and staff were very professional and honest with me as far as expected results and how the procedure would be. They corrected my terrible vision to 20/20, would highly recommend them to anyone.

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