Presbyopia Treatments & Surgery

Presbyopia Treatment and Surgery

Around 128 million adults have presbyopia, an age-related condition that gradually worsens their ability to clearly see nearby objects. Although it’s completely natural for many adults, it can make everyday activities—like reading, doing close work, or working on a computer—more difficult. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with presbyopia, you’re probably wondering what kind of treatment options are available. Rest assured that at Toledo LASIK, we can help you find an option that’ll work best for you.

Symptoms of Presbyopia

Presbyopia patients usually report symptoms around the age range of 40-50. Most patients report the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty seeing in low light
  • Headaches from close work
  • Needing to hold reading materials at arm’s length
  • Eye strain
  • Blurred vision at normal viewing distances

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What Is Presbyopia

What Causes Presbyopia?

Aging isn’t easy on any part of the body—eyes included. As you age, your eyes go through changes. One of these changes occurs in the natural lens of the eye. During most of your life, this lens is flexible and helps passing light focus properly on the retina. However, this lens can harden with age, causing passing light to not focus properly on the retina. The result is vision impairment, like blurred vision, headaches, and more.


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Presbyopia Risk Factors

Presbyopia is a common vision condition, especially for adults around or over 40 years of age. In some cases, people can develop presbyopia before 40 due to a set of risk factors that contribute to its premature development. These risk factors include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Looking at screens for a significant time
  • UV exposure

Diagnosing Presbyopia

With a routine eye, your eye doctor can diagnose presbyopia. During the exam, your eye doctor will use a series of tests to assess your ability to focus on nearby and distant objects. The eye doctor may also dilate your pupils to get a better picture of your condition.

If you’re experiencing presbyopia symptoms, contact Toledo LASIK for a comprehensive exam. Our ophthalmologists will assess your vision and determine if your eyes are right for surgery or other treatments.


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Presbyopia Treatment Options at Toledo LASIK

Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery

Imagine being able to reduce or even eliminate presbyopia symptoms and never need reading glasses again. That’s exactly what you can expect from refractive lens exchange surgery. This procedure replaces your natural lens with an advanced multifocal or intraocular lens (IOL), allowing you to see clearly at all distances. You’ll also never need to worry about cataracts since the new IOL will remain clear for life.

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