KAMRA Corneal Inlay – Reading Vision Correction in Northwest Ohio

KAMRA Corneal Inlay

Do you struggle with reading glasses? Do you have trouble reading menus at restaurants or seeing things up close? If so you may have developed presbyopia over the years as this naturally happens typically over the age of 40. In time, the eye’s natural lens can become too stiff to focus up close. Presbyopia sets in and reading can become troublesome. Presbyopia is farsightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the eye’s lens, typically occurring in middle and old age. At this time, with modern technology, we can correct this debilitating vision condition with a simple procedure – KAMRA Inlay.

KAMRA Corneal Inlay is an option that can be used to correct presbyopia and reduce dependence on reading glasses. The KAMRA Inlay provides an improved range of focus for both near and intermediate vision without affecting distance vision. The corneal inlay is a microscopic disc with a diameter of 3.8mm inserted into the eye. This procedure could be an excellent solution for individuals over 40 seeking to restore their everyday near vision and reduce their dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Kamra Corneal Inlay


What is presbyopia?

As we age, blurry near vision is one of the first things we may notice. Reading glasses become a constant companion for many people. You might need to hold restaurant menus out far from your eyes, and have trouble reading text messages on your phone. This blurry vision, or near vision loss is called presbyopia. Eventually, it happens to everyone.

Is there treatment for presbyopia?

Historically, many people have had to adapt to presbyopia by using reading glasses or getting bifocals. However, new FDA-approved technologies help fix reading vision and get rid of reading glasses. The KAMRA Corneal Inlay is one of those solutions. Raindrop restores your near vision and allows you to read again without losing your distance vision.

Dr. Wiley and Dr. Bafna are the first eye surgeons to bring this advanced technology to Northwest Ohio. They have performed more corneal inlay procedures than any surgeons in the state. Dr. Wiley and Dr. Bafna are experts in presbyopia treatments and corneal inlays. They have presented the procedures internationally.

Is the KARMA Corneal Inlay procedure Painful?

Most patients do not experience pain. The procedure is a laser-assisted treatment similar to LASIK. The doctor will place numbing eye drops in the patient’s eyes prior to the procedure. The patient takes a sedative prior to the procedure to help them to relax and to sleep after the procedure.

How long does the KAMRA Inlay procedure take?

The inlay placement takes roughly 10 minutes. You should expect to be at the center for up to two hours.

Will it affect my distance vision?

The procedure may have a slight effect on distance vision in the individual eye.

If you are looking to find out more about KAMRA Inlay or presbyopia, schedule a free consultation today. One of our highly-trained consultants will be able to explain everything you need to know!

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