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What Causes Dry Eye?

dry eye getting eye drops

Few things are as frustrating as dealing with dry eyes. There are several causes for dry eyes, including staring at your phone or computer screen for too long, the wind blowing in your eyes, and seasonal allergies. Do your eyes dry out often? Not sure what’s causing your eyes to dry out? You may suffer… Read More

10 Foods That Benefit Your Vision

Cooked chicken thighs

You’ve likely heard the expression an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and it’s partly true. Whether you have vision problems or not, eating certain foods can benefit your eye health. It’s an easy way to be proactive about your vision, and you might even discover that the foods you already love help. Try… Read More

What To Expect the Day of Your LASIK

woman smiling after LASIK surgery

LASIK surgery is a procedure people elect to have in order to improve their vision, and help reduce or end their reliance on contact lenses or glasses. As with any surgical procedure, it is completely normal to feel nervous. Although LASIK is now a routine procedure, it’s quite common for patients to be anxious on… Read More

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